Show Us Your Patina - Old Car 'Museum' in Georgia

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A few weeks ago I was killing time in northern Georgia.  Being a Walking Dead fan, I've been trying to get to Senoia for years but never made it.  Now that I've checked that off the bucket list, I think I've added a new one a little farther north...


$25 seems a bit steep to look at rusty cars, but there may be some interesting observations to be made from this extensive archive.







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My son and I visited Old Car City probably about 10 years ago. They typically give tours in an old pick up truck but  we lucked up and talked Dean into letting us walk it. Here are some of the more artsy "patina" pictures I took at the time. I am thinking these scanned photos so pic quality isn't the greatest.post-77380-0-10407100-1453430871_thumb.jpost-77380-0-65966300-1453430871_thumb.jpost-77380-0-06598100-1453430872_thumb.jpost-77380-0-50346100-1453430872_thumb.jpost-77380-0-96034000-1453430872_thumb.jpost-77380-0-41143900-1453430873_thumb.jpost-77380-0-84221700-1453430873_thumb.jpost-77380-0-33516900-1453430874_thumb.jpost-77380-0-86178100-1453430874_thumb.jpost-77380-0-32436600-1453430875_thumb.j


more to come

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It was a cold winter day but we had a great time, one of the first junkyard visits I had been on where I wasn't pressed for time because of pulling parts. Dean had said to us "Be careful, if the insurance company finds out I let you walk around it'll cost me" And danged if my son Jordan didn't up and step on a nail. But you can bet he managed not to limp as we said I goodbyes to Dean. There was a pretty nice 56 Roadmaster there (the one with me playing Brer Rabbit in the picture) that he wanted $1200 for and I always regretted not going back after it.post-77380-0-75454200-1453431970_thumb.jpost-77380-0-15256500-1453431972_thumb.jpost-77380-0-67324800-1453431972_thumb.jpost-77380-0-58241600-1453431973_thumb.jpost-77380-0-07681500-1453431975_thumb.jpost-77380-0-59499600-1453431975_thumb.jpost-77380-0-60306500-1453431976_thumb.jpost-77380-0-91978600-1453431977_thumb.j

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Some day, I want to see this place myself.  I've been featuring pics of that place a friend recently took ... & have more cued for future feature.














Cort > www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

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