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Dynaflow rebuild


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Greetings. Here's an update on my slow progress on '55 66R. Decided if I'm going to rebuild a Dyna, it'll be a '56. Found a 74 yr old guy who speaks fluid/fluent "dyna" language. When I asked if the six disc clutch drum Buick started useing in '57 to handle the extra 364 torque would fit in the '56 Trans,(5disc Clutch) he said don't bother, I can just mill the amount off the accuating piston and add the extra disc and steel in the '56 drum! I've already dropped the trans off for him to go through it. I'm not going to tell the price cuz I can't believe it myself yet, but its under 1,000.00 plus seals and gaskets. I had already bought some parts nos, so he's using those as clutch disc kits run a bit over 100.00. Now it's on to cutting an inch shorter driveshaft modification, unless someone has done more/better research than me to find a one inch shorter driveshaft than the '54-'55 Spec/Cent is stock,(I think its actually 1-1/8", but I will do exact when time comes. Imagine the guy that made my '72 driveshaft said he's never had a request for a Buick closed driveshaft to be modified! Got to get this drivable! I love hedge fund managers, roasted over an open fire, 12 at the bottom of the ocean is a start, etc etc etc. Goodbye stock fund! I trust wall street completely!ha ha

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