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Mr. Fleming

Ron K.

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Guest joe hill

Jake took a fall Jan. 1  and is doing fine. He cracked a bone near the hip socket. He will be in assisted living until he can walk with out a walker. He is still the same Jake we all know and wants to get back to work in his garage. Please pray for him and his family.

                              Joe Hill   817-481-6850                                                                                                                                                                                              

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Good news, I got a call from Jake last night and he is on the mend.  He hopes to be back in his shop in about a month from now.  I will gladly do without my '40 radio (he thinks that it might be the vibrator again) for a month or so and await his surgical skills.



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The tube mobile radio that is inop still needs to buzz..if vibrator isnt , no ac volts..no sound..turn it on, bang on it..it may start...I have the greatest respect for Mr Fleming, but would replace that old mechanical vibrator for a solid state one..I have with great success, and I play my 40 radio for hours at a time...Jake cleans points and reuses..ok..but..

Vibrator - 6 Volt, 4 Pin, Positive Ground
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SKU: P-V1015P Item ID: 005625
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New manufacture solid-state replacement for 6 volt, 4 pin vibrators with a positive ground. These replace our old line of solid state vibrators. 1-½ dia. x 2-¾" high aluminum can. Replace your buffer capacitor when you replace your vibrator!

tubes and more . com antique electronic supply out of az

UPC/EAN: 609722156103

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In my earlier days of auto radio repairing, I would take the vibrators apart and file the points, adjust them and get a little more life out of the vibrator.  Eventually they have to be replaced.    We started seeing solid state versions of vibrators in the 60s.  They should be used to update radios.  Also the rectifier and buffer capacitors need replacing.  The buffer capacitors do short and will blow the line fuse.  Antique Radio Supply in Mesa, AZ. sells the parts if you're brave enough to attempt the repairs.  

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