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When to get your extra CJE Point


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I've got my full 6 credits! I plan to attend Charlotte and Hershey. That would put me at 10. Could I count a second CJE at Hershey this year or does that happen next year? Guidelines state:


Milestone CJE Credit: An exception to the above Annual credit limitation occurs when the Judging credit award level, i.e., 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, etc. is reached. This is considered a “Milestone” in our judging career and an additional CJE credit is awarded after the completion of an additional CJE Seminar during the same calendar year. The word “Milestone” shall be circled on the CJE Participation card.

I read that as a "yes, this year if you earn point 10 judging at Hershey, the CJE class you take at Hershey should be point 11." Any reason that wouldn't be correct? The class is taken before the 10th point is otherwise earned, but it is the "additional CJE Seminar during the same calendar year", so when the second seminar is taken wouldn't matter as I read it. Thanks for the clarity. 

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