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Interesting 60's Service Sign

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This Buick Service sign came from Miller Motors Buick in Baltimore, MD. Judging by the content and appearance, I believe it to be from the mid 60's. The colors and details are really great.


Originally, inside the sign there was a rotating disc made of a light-polarizing material. As the disc rotated it aligned with corresponding sections of polarized material behind the engine components and each would be highlighted in turn as the wheel rotated. Unfortunately, motor probably died many years ago and that feature was removed.


When illuminated, the sign is still really cool. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing it. There is a paper tag on the back with information about the manufacturer. I looked them up and they are still in business making point-of-sale signs.





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Thanks for sharing Mike. I really like the light polarizing material type signs. But honestly never knew that is what they are called, so learned something today. :)   Looks like a few more neat signs in the background. Really like those Gates fan belt displays. And what's the Triangle Buick sign?




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Glad you enjoyed the sign pictures. The Buick Owners of Maryland had their annual show at Miller Motors for many years. When the dealer closed up some years back, a lot of cool stuff came out of the place. The sign made its way to my garage and I'm really happy to have it. It goes great with my '65 Riviera. I know there is at least one more just like it in existence, I've seen it listed on Ebay.


The GATES sign is something I put together from separate items. The larger sign was a package deal with the older belt hanging brackets, I just made a plywood backing to mount everything together. I think it looks real nice and it gives me a place to store my extra belts.


The TRIANGLE BUICK sign is a hand painted one-of-a-kind (I think) sign I found at Carlisle a few years ago. I liked how it looked and the price was right.


I've also included pictures of two more signs you might like. The rectangular BUICK sign has internal illumination with a working polarized light wheel. This one came from Miller Motors as well.


The big round porcelain BUICK sign is the first sign I ever bought. I got it about 35 years ago for $25.00. Try that today! It was from a double sided sign and the guy had the other side and the frame. I should have bought it all, duh.....










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Oh Myyy!!!!






What are the dimensions of early BUICK sign?

If we'd only known to have invested in signs 30 years ago instead of cars or stocks we'd both be rich wouldn't we.  Thanks for sharing those Mike

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