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Lycoming 4SL six cylinder engine

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I have a very nice Lycoming 4SL six cylinder engine that needs a new home.  It is in excellent condition and has been torn down and cleaned up - ready for rebuild.  It's way too good to go to scrap, but we don't have room for it anymore.  Make an offer and it's yours.


We acquired this engine thinking it was the same as the one in our Auburn 6-66, but it's not.  I believe it came out of a Stewart truck.


These engines were used in the following vehicles (maybe more):



International Harvester 1926 - 1928  (Model S-26)
Rieland & Bree 1931 - 1932
Republic 1929 - 1930


Gilford 1927 -
Swift 1926 -



Gardner 1926 - 1927
Elcar? 1926
Dagmar 1925 - 1927


Located in British Columbia, Canada.



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While you're correct in that the 4SL went into several other makes,  more importantly it also went into a much larger variety of IH truck models than you listed, including some running up into 1934 and possibly later (one ref is to 1939, but that's probably a typo for 1929)...

If you're not already posting in oldihc (haven't been in site for awhile) it would be worth a try...

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 HT: Just ran across this by accident; meant to reply at the time but apparently didn't...rather late in the day but...

If still looking for engine parts can list some info on piston assembly, valves and ,main bearing sharing with other Lyc's...and the engine series in case others in the series may be a fit or adaptable...l

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