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Detroit Electric controls/pedals

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Im working on a 1917/1935 Detroit Electric Model 68/97. Many of the linkages attached to the brake pedals are gone. The larger right-side brake is attached to the rear brakes and their function is obvious. But the smaller left-side pedal seems to be dis-connected from an un-obvious system of levers and gears and ratchets. My first thought is, and tell me if Im wrong, that one function is to engage/disengage the cut-out switch on the controller. The cut-out switch lever out the bottom of the controller is disconnected and has no linkage. My second thought is about some sort of ratcheting parking brake?? So if you press the right pedal you just get as-applied braking. And the small pedal engages both the larger right-side brake pedal and a ratcheting parking brake? Im just hypothesizing. So please let me know what Im missing. At least I could use a basic description of the operation and what each pedal does. 



James C.



This is the cut-out switch lever hanging lonely out the bottom of the controller box.



This is the brake assembly looking rearward in the car. Large pedal is left-most in the picture and the smaller pedal is to the right of it with all the mystery levers and ratchets to the right of the picture.




Brake assembly from rear looking forward in car.


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