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Need Detroit Electric "Starting Resistance"

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Im working on a 1917chassis/1935body Model 68/97 Detroit Electric. Ive followed some faint lines on a wiring diagram and have come to a point where there is no treasure where the map says it is. The diagram says "starting resistance" but all I see is a blank space between two cable ends and some charred wood. So Im looking for specs or parts to buy. We can fabricate metal and wood at work if someone has specs (ohms Im guessing) and pictures/diagrams of said piece. Or could a store bought piece be retrofitted? Or.... does anyone have any "starting resistances" for sale? Or if anyone has any handy pictures of a "starting resistance" I would be grateful because Im not too sure what Im looking for. It is an 80volt motor system.



James C.


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Could someone with a 1917-ish Detroit Electric use a multimeter to find the resistance in their "starting resitance" and perhaps some dimensions or good pictures? Anything would be helpful.


Or if anyone knew how to calculate a useful resistance for my system that would be a start.



James C.

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I actually found the blueprints for what I need, so now I know what it looks like. Can anyone help me figure what resistance it needs to be? It should have a measurable resistance in ohms from post to post. Then I can make my own I guess.


Here is the blueprint.


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I have the same issue on a 1914 Model 63.   I'm currently working on a solution and being supported by a fellow with the Vancouver EV Assoc that is very knowledgeable.  Finding 5AWG NiChrome II seems to be the problem now but we just started looking.


Did you find a solution?  Attached are images of our broken coil.






IMG_20200302_135613 (1).jpg

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Tony Ackerman:


Contact Hyndman Industrial Products - Resistancewire.com:




In 2002, "Tom" at Hyndman made up a new set of resistor coils for my father's 1900 Waverley Electric.  (Unfortunately, my father did not record Tom's last name in his files.)


The first photo is the set of original coils from the 1900 Waverley Electric Model 8 "Dos-A-Dos" that is in the possession of the Minnesota Historical Society.  It was originally owned by J. George Smith, a confectioner in St. Paul, MN.


My father's Waverley is the only other surviving 1900 Waverley Electric.  It too is a Model 8 "Dos-A-Dos" and therefore a "twin sister" to the above.  It was originally owned by Samuel S. Thorpe, a prominent real estate developer in Minneapolis.


The second photo shows the reproduced coils on my father's 1900 Waverley Electric.


The smaller set of coils is for the controller.  The larger set of coils is for the regenerative braking system that was designed by Robert H. Hassler.  (Robert H. Hassler was originally a college educated electrical engineer but he is best known for "Hasslers," accessory shock absorbers for Model T Fords with which he later made his fame and fortune.)


The original coil assemblies on my father's car were missing.  My dad reproduced the frames and brass couplers and was able to obtain appropriate porcelain insulators.  He sent the new frame assemblies along with the original set of coils to Tom at Hyndman.  Tom wound the new coils using comparable/appropriate nichrome wire based on the original examples and mounted them to the insulators.

Waverley Coils 1.jpeg

Waverley Coils 2.JPG

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   Thanks so much for the information and the images.  The image of the undercarriage of your Waverly is stunning!  What a great restoration.


   We were able to source this...


Nichrome 80/20 Wire
.1819" dia. x Coil
15-FT     $50.00



Aimee M. Torres
Bob Martin Company
2209 North Seaman Avenue
South El Monte, CA 91733
Phone:  (323) 686-2220 Ext. 10
Fax:  (626) 444-6044



 We received the wire and were about to wind the coil when the Corona Virus hit.  We'll get back to it soon and I'll post an image and our results when I can.  Thanks for the information.



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