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Can you confirm these are Star cars by Durant?


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I've been looking through a few more of the old original photos my partner brought home last week and was intrigued by these cars below. After basic research it appears they are Star models built by Durant, can you confirm this? Also, can they be pegged to a specific year or were they basically the same design for the short duration they were produced? The photos appear to depict a parade or celebration of some sort in McPherson, Kansas. 


Also, what is the multi-horn device fitted to the side of the vehicle in close-up?



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Definitely Star.....26-7 emblem on door of truck and in window of car. Very interesting.  Maybe the horns had something to do with "Whistling Snyders".



The 1927s have bullet shaped headlamp buckets.

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I think the first two photos are of 1926-27 Stars. The other member was correct about the 1925 and earlier

Stars having a plain shaded star as the emblem . 1926-27 had the more detailed emblem. The first car I owned and

restored at the age of 15 was a 1926 Star 4 cyl. 4 door sedan. Good car, not bad looking. Still have a bunch of hubcaps

in the basement.

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