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Opinions sought on this '65 Mercury Comet Caliente

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This 1965 Mercury Comet Caliente is being offer by a dealer with an asking price of $34,900.  Would appreciate informed comments and opinions as to the condition of this car and any problems it might have.  I know it's difficult to make an accurate assessment without having photos of the undercarriage, but the dealer did not post any .  .  .  which might be a red flag itself.  But, for this kind of money, I would expect the car to be one of the best on the planet.  A fair expectation?  Hope to get lots of feedback.  Thank you in advance to all who reply.  



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$34,900 seems awfully high to me.  It's a nice looking Comet.  The Caliente trim was just below the Cyclone trim level for '65.  You had 202, 404, Caliente and Cyclone for '65.  Make sure the VIN on the door data tag matches the stamped VIN on the fender apron.  Those shiny wheels are not correct.  The a/c compressor and lines are aftermarket.  The under dash unit looks correct.  The yellow air cleaner and valve covers are correct.  The tower style hose clamps are correct.  Looks like it has an aftermarket radiator overflow tank.  The AM radio looks correct w/ "COMET" on the dial face.  If it has been restored it should not have any cowl panel rust rot or rust around the wheel wells and trunk.


My wife has a '65 Caliente 6cyl convertible.  They are comfortable cars.  This one for sale would not take much to make it more period correct if that is what you are looking for.



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