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General Motors Australia tray and ash tray

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I'm interested in early BUICK and General Motors memorabilia.


Prior to the establishment of General Motors Australia ( GMA )  in 1926 and subsequently General Motors Holden ( GMH ) in 1931 all things GM including Buick of course was arranged by General Motors Export who I believe were based in New York City.


A number of years ago I managed to purchase an interesting book published by General Motors Export titled FUNDAMENTALS OF SERVICE STATION PRACTICE.


It consists of 4 separate booklets relating to Service Station Practice, Practical Service Forms ( actual samples of suggested forms ), Profitable Stock Room Operation and Records of Business. The book contains many photographs which appear to be mid twenties.




I recently acquired a General Motors Australia copper ashtray which contains logos of the GM line of vehicles and the Buick logo is pre 1929.



GMA also supplied dealers with a copper serving tray with GM line of vehicle logos in 1929. Note the BUICK logo used is the one year only Silver Anniversary logo.


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Great stuff Stuart!


I'm particularly fond of anything made of copper, as my Mom was from Michigan's Copper Country in the Upper Peninsula. Grampa was a copper miner for a time, too, and I have a lot of it.


The GM logos are awesome, and the manuals must be fascinating reads. I just wish I had more automotive items in copper.


Very cool,



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I love COPPER tooooooo!  wife is from Iron Mountain, we took our 41 Limited from Indy to the most upper parts of Michigan, and visited Copper Harbor, and many other neat places. 


We went in a mine, my wife wants to know, DO YOU LIKE PASTIES?  Miners wrapped them in newspaper, took them in the mines for lunch, she still loves PASTIES.  Family still live there.


Dale in Indy

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