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I will check my notes, but about six months ago I looked into it for our truck and trailer. There is a good system available, but you need to have the unit where it can pick up and transmit a signal. It looked like it was about 200 dollars per unit plus the tracking contract that was about 25 a month if I remember correctly. There may be a multiple discount. You can program it several ways to send emails and text messages. It works in real time, and the battery was small and inexpensive. I plan on installing it on my new truck sometime next year, and will also place one on the trailer. I think the trailer unit is mor particle and important than the tow vehicle. If I can find the info I will post it. I was also going to put a camera system on the trailer to send video when it was parked in the hotel parking lot. I have more concerns when we are on the road then when we are at a large shows trailer parking area. I also would like a rear facing camera for backing up and traveling down the road. Currently I have a dash camera recording the front and side view of the cab. Ed.

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