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How many 1991 coupes were made

David White

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We do not have an exact number with sunroofs.


There were 1214 coupes made,  in earlier years, the sunroofs ran around 12-14 percent of the production (based on owner input)

In 1991 probably to use up the supply of sunroofs, the number is closer to 20%, but there are no "official" numbers.


Carfax.....if you have access to Carfax, and enter a vin for a car with a sunroof, they give you a number.    Their program apparently searches all vehicles (Reattas) with the CA1 option.

The problem,  Carfax will probably give you a different total than 1214 so we do not know what database they are using to get the numbers for the sunroofs, and if their total is wrong then I

am uncomfortable with their number for sunroofs.


I was able to talk with a Carfax representative about build numbers on a different model Buick and every time I talked to him he gave me a different total......until we get a good source 

all we have are rough numbers

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