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Remounted My Badges

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My dear husband mounted my HPOF and Red Bird on this black license plate.  I had them originally on the grille, however, I could never find a license plate to fit in the bumper that I liked and fit the style of the truck, so we came up with this!



Also, the extra bolt was put in so when I'm at a show, I can install my MAP award.. :)



I'm quite please with the look and fit and thought I'd share :)

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MAP = Mileage Award Program :) 


Here's a link to the page:  http://www.aaca.org/mileageaward.html


The Mileage Award Program has been established to recognize AACA members who drive an AACA-approved vehicle throughout the calendar year. Participation is voluntary and tracking mileage is the owner's responsibility; although subject to review. It is intended that all activity and mileage will be governed by the vehicle's owner.

Any time a vehicle is driven - anywhere for any reason - the mileage counts towards the award level. Miles where the vehicle is towed (emergency or non-emergency) do not count towards the total driving miles.

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The plate seems like the best application in your case. From my experience with the MAP, you have to tighten it down securely on a grill at the risk of breaking or bending. Otherwise, road vibration tends to make the MAP fall over to the right. Tell your husband he did good!

Hope to see you guys in Charlotte this coming April.

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