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1931 Chrysler Indy Car

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I have posted on the Chrysler thread about information on this car started in 2010. I have much info on this car as George Howie was my Grand Uncle. Wish to talk with the code name "beemergb" who claims his friend owns this car.

Please respond.

R .C. Hawie at rch44f@icloud.com 

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Thanks for the info, I PM him last night and just waiting for a reply.

There is only about 5 of us that are direct family members left and I probably know more about the car than any of them. My Uncle hated writing letters, but wrote me and there is information in those letters.

Once he sold it in 1936 to someone in Ohio, it has been lost to us. If it truly still exists, I sure want to talk to the owner.  

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I was able to locate the Mustang I had in High School (my first car).  I called the person who owns it now, we had a nice talk and they said they were not interested in selling at this time.  I said great just keep me in mind if you ever want to sell the Mustang. 


About a year later I get a phone call from the police saying someone has been harassing the owner of my old Mustang they wanted to by it.  They claim to be the original purchaser of the car in 1972.  The officer got my number from the owner of the Mustang now.  The officer wants to know my interest in the car.  I gave him the license plate number of the car when I owned it and asked him to check me out (I have several collector cars).  I also informed the officer anyone could copy down the VIN numbers (easy to get at a car show) and get a printout of all kinds of information on any car for about $5.


Moral of the story is there are all kinds of scams going on to get valuable collector cars for cheap, I understand why some people do not like to talk about their cars.


I expect more an more as the prices of our collector cars climb...

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You have an interesting and sad story. I was not aware that some of the car people are so cut throat. 

I am not a car guy so to speak, my interest is antique outboards especially racing motors and boats. So far I am not aware of this kind of thing happening in our group, but maybe it has happen. 

I am only interested in the fact if my Uncle's car still exists as posted, or maybe not. Of course I would like to buy it, but if the owner is not in that thinking, I can understand. However I am willing to share the letters and information I have.

My interest is honest.   

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 I know of a project in progress to restore/replicate a 1931 Chrysler-powered Indy car.  Is it the George Howie car?  I'm not sure. 


Here is a photo of the Howie car at the 1931 race along with some photos of the current project.  The grille and general shape seem correct, though the louvers are not.  I know that wire wheels will be put on this car eventually.  Is this the car you are looking for?






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Isn't there a green Chrysler INDY car running in the Vintage circut? Maybe it is a later car I know they were looking for an Impereial straight block a few years ago. There are a lot of "historic" cars coming out of South America, does anyone keep an updated list? Bob

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Top picture is one of my Uncle from the Speedway collection taken in 1931.

The other three look like another replication of the "Golden Seal Special" car used in 1932 entered and driven by Juan A. Gaudino finishing 28th. The next year it was driven and entered by R. Riganti finished 14th. These fellows came out of South America, I beleive Argentina.   

On the Chrysler discussion board someone documented where the original one is and the two replicas. 

The only similarity between these two Chryslers is they both used the Imperial 8 and had to sleeve down the bore to meet Indy's 366 cubic inch limit. They both ended up with a bore of 3.375" for 358 cubic inches. I am suspecting that bore was used because some kind of piston (race or high performance) was available.

Still have not recieved a reply to my two PM's. Maybe this is the car he talked about and maybe not? Hate to be this close to knowing and not find out for sure.

R. C. 

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