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TPMS external cap sensor vs internal system

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Just a guess that the external would have a fairly large amount of mass on the outside of the valve stem which could fatigue the valve stem??


Just guessing as I have not see the external type. 


Since all of the internal units have been validated by the OEM automakers for quality and long life, I would only go with the internal units.


Just IMO

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I also ran them on a couple of my trucks. The biggest problem again was the aux transmitters with the trucks being long Shouldn't be a problem with the smaller truck trailer combo. I also ran Centramatic Balancers on my trucks. No balance issues. Tires last longer, saves parts from wear and your truck and trailer from torsional vibration, easier on your body, parts and better mileage etc.



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I have a few things that I have used over the years that I'll share at a later date that will improve safety and wear and tear. Basically only works with the long haulers.



Trim tabs

Boss seats



Fleet air filters

Flow below

MD alignment

Pittsburg Power


Road King shocks


And more.


Try to go to one of these truck shows. They have many vendors that are very knowledgeable and helpful. Lot of it crosses over to the smaller tow and towing rigs. This is where I gained a lot of knowledge is from the truck shows. They can answer a lot of your questions. Take the whole family.


The Great American Trucking Show - Where trucking comes ...


Aug 25-26-27 Dallas Texas.



This is the one I went to.


Mid-America Trucking Show


March 31-April 1-2 2016 Louisville KY

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