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Series 11 speedometer angle drive gears

147 Franklin Airman

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Does anyone have the internal gears for the speedometer angle drive fitted to Series 11 (1927) and possibly other years.

If so please let me know as I have someone in the USA who can build me a replacement.


I would be quite happy to have even a worn one with a cracked casing so that I could get the gears reversed engineered

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Just updating on my challenge to find an angle drive, I now have a fully working one thanks to Paul in NY.

I thought I would also add some information regarding the drive as details are sometimes in short supply.

After cleaning I found that there are 4 shims inside measuring 0.05" each allowing the bevel gears to mesh closer once removed. (Photo Attached) This may help others where the gears are a little worn.

I am now looking for an inner drive for the cable as mine appears to be missing.

Angle drive 11b speedo.jpg

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