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Dodge Model 128 roadster sidecurtain photos


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This is my first post and I need a bit of help. I am a  New Zealander and I live in south west France. One of my French friends has a 1927 Dodge Brothers Model 128 2 seat roadster convertable in Origonal and roadworthy condition. The one issue is the convertable top and weather equipment. The top is in very bad state and the side curtains are missing altogether. Would anybody on this forum have a picture of the sidecurtains so that we can make a set up .


Thanks in advance




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Alan, here in the States there were no 128 Roadsters. 128's are 1928 models, 124 and 126 are 1927 models. There were Roadsters in 1927 but only Cabriolets in 1928 (128's or "Fast Fours). Cabriolets have roll up glass windows. Roadster do not. Cabriolets = Convertibles in more modern terms.

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