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29 Commander

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1929 Commanders came in either the GJ Six or FD Eight. Also, they came in either the standard verison (rear mounted spare/wood wheels) or the Regal Commander equipped with the optional side mounts and luggage rack. Side mounts could came in either wire wheels or wood depending on the customers preference. If you want to see a picture of a FD Commander Regal Victoria look on page 145 of the Crestline book "Studebaker Cars" by James H. Moloney, published 1994.

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One more item to consider, if you are contemplating changing a "standard" into a regal, remember that there are identification tags on the car that will tell a knowledgeable collector or show judge what the car originally was when it left the factory, and this could be a factor in a close judging or in selling the car as "Original". As an example, I own a 1929 "FE" President 7 passenger Tourer. It is car #57 of 60 produced for 1929. There are only two others left, #19 and #35. Of the 1930 models, only 4 remain. All 7 of these Tourers have dual sidemounts and wire wheels. But based on factory I.D. tags, the other six surviving cars all came with wood wheels and a rear mounted spare. All where converted over to wire wheels and dual sidemounts through the years. My car is the only one of the 7 that came originally from the factory that way. This is done with many cars going through restorations because the "dual sidemounts-wire wheel" look is more desirable in the collector world and brings more money because of astetics. This is so common place, a serious car collector or judge will look for this and check to see if the car has been converted. I was at a car show once and only one of the cars there had wood spoke wheels and a rear mounted spare, you would be amazed as to how many people I overheard comment that they did not know they had wood wheels in 1929/30. It use to be when these cars where new (because the models with sidemounts and wires were an upgrade and cost more money) they were the exception and the wood wheel cars with rear mounted spares were the most common (or the rule). Now you go to a show or any other old car activity and it is reverse. Personally, I think it is refreshing to see car owners keeping their cars with the original equipment(wood wheels), even if it did not come originally with all the upgrades. If you are thinking of converting to wire and side mounts, re-consider, you'll get more attention at an activity if you are one of the few people who show up without all the extra bells and whistles.

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