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What color combo to paint it??


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I'm re-painting my '25 Series 80 Roadster. The fenders are probably going back to black. What would be an awesome color to paint the body? Obviously it's maroon now, but everyone seems to go with maroon; so I'm considering other colors. Originally the car was green from the factory, but not the greatest green I've seen. I call it Kelly green. Any suggestions?  tom griffith  lincoln1955@msn.com  608-212-8774


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No matter what color you paint it, I'd do the fenders & splash aprons in black.   For the body, any dark, conservative color will do.   Dark maroon, moss green, dark plum, dark grey, ect.  Paint the wheels body color and install blackwall tires.  All bright work should be nickel plated, not chrome, and while you're at it I'd lose the running board spotlight and pines winterfront as well.  You will then have an understated, conservative Pierce Arrow.   Just like they were when they were new.   Just one man's opinion.                 

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