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If you haven't done it yet, DO IT NOW!!!<P>The 19th Annual Pacific Southwest Zone Meet is April 19, 20 and 21st. Plans include a tour of the SeaBee's Museum, a lovely back-road drive to Santa Barbara, a catered lunch at one of the most beautiful venues you could imagine, an evening banquet at a classy yacht club, a swap meet, nice people, nice cars, nice weather, a nice drive, etc. <P>The La Quinta Inn in Ventura is offering a special $59 room rate. <P>Call Neil Shepard at 818-996-4034 for details, registration forms or just to have your questions answered. <P>So far the response is fantastic! A lot of cars and even more guests. Don't be left out. <P>Neil Maken<BR>yesterdayonceagain@yahoo.com<BR>(714) 963-2474

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