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Got me a 41 truck


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After looking for almost a year this one turned up only 70 miles from home, think these trucks PT 125 are becoming rare.with only about 30 registered with the Plymouth Owners Club. I forgot to mention I live in the UK and not sure if there's another one in stock condition over here, it was imported a couple of months ago from New Mexico where it's spent most of it's life, Produced with the last few hundred trucks in the Los Angeles plant before trucks ceased as a Plymouth Line.


Being 75 yrs old it has lost a few bits and pieces some of which my be difficult to find and right now I don't know what is unique to this model and what can be used from other Chrysler products. The list is what's missing.


  • Both hood Plymouth scripts left and right
  • Centre front brightwork from the crank handle hole to the hood sides which I think would be 3 pieces.
  • Headlight chrome bezels 2
  • Complete speedo.
  • Drive Train + all the ancillaries

At present it is with the importer but should have it home in a couple of weeks, think I would be pushing my luck wrapping it in festive paper, will post photos when it arrives.



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Does anyone know about the correct Hood script which goes along the sides of a 41, I've found this image with a note that states it's 7 1/2" long and is it the same as a 40 without the curve to fit the nose.


 Never seen an original. Thanks for looking.

Plymouth Script.jpg

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Guest wings515

Just got back onto this Forum.  I got a set from Roberts Motor Parts a while back for my  PT81.  They were not curved but were easily bent to fit the nose curve.  Very good repos.




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Have made some progress with producing repros for the Hood Emblems, hoping to cast samples in the next couple of weeks. the photos below are of version 1 which wasn't correct and version 2 is at the printers.




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