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1938 Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler or De Soto with Glove Box Lock


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Thanks H-W. I've done a similar search without much luck but I'll have to agree with you, I don't think Plymouth offered the lock as an option. My original catch was broken, only leaving the rear part on the inside of the glove box remaining. I don't know what the outside piece looked like and I can't find a clear image of the mechanism to open the door. On eBay there are several sellers offering a "1938 Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, De Soto" glove box lock. So, of course I purchased one. The trouble is once it's installed there is no mechanism to to release the catch, in other words, if you closed the glove box door with this particular lock/catch in place, you would not be able to open it again. The lock cylinder does not push in to release the inner catch like cars from the 50's & 60's. It has to be for a different year/model. I think all of the eBay listings are incorrect although the lock/latch they are selling does look similar to the style that fits the '38 Plymouth without a lock, the shape of the knob looks like the shape of the non-locking style latches.







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