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1955 Chrysler Imperial Newport Coupe - with 331 cu HEMI engine "parts"

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Nick, I left a phone message for a fellow I know

with a '55 Imperial hardtop.  While his car is 

beautifully restored, any collector may be happy

to pick up some spare parts.


I'll try to put him in touch with you.  What is your

location, listed as "HOA"?


And by the way, do you tell your wife to get rid of

her things, because they're taking up space?

"Dear, we never use that china.  Let's dump it!"

I trow not!

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Guest RR440man

I tried the email but it advised no valid.  I am interested in the rear bumper if it has the exhaust port bumperettes.  




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Guest RR440man

Yeah, it is definitely a one off as for those exhaust ports through the rear bumper.  My 55 sedan also has the rear privacy window option.  Going to send off for the build card to Chrysler in January to make sure it was the ordered option.  Seems pretty rare for a sedan.  

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On 11/1/2016 at 8:46 AM, Imperial62 said:

Was this Terry Hoeman's car?  Do you have the whole car or only some of the parts? 


It was Richards S wife car..  I just have the car  - not a lot of parts.. I do have the old wheels.. I put police interceptor wheels on it.. with dog dishes..




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