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Memorial Day weekend was a good one for Studebakers in Southern California. The SDC held their annual All-Studebaker show on Sunday and this year the Antique Studebakers made a respectable showing. <P>We had six cars there this year - all pre-war. And despite a heavy mist and an occasional almost-drizzle, we had two open cars to show. <P>The Antiques garnered a lot of attention. We were busy all day showing the cars, talking about them, and listening to stories about others Studebaker experiences. We also got about sixteen new names for our SoCal Antique Studebaker Group. <P>Next event that we have planned is August 18 at Irwindale Speedway. More about that later. And then we have a September, an October , a November and a December event planned. PLEASE JOIN US. We'd love to have you.<P>Contact me for details.<P>Neil M

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