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1937 Cpe Exp front end questions


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I have three 1937 Cpe Exp J5 trucks. Two are stock and in great shape, but the third was severely mistreated by previous owners and can only be considered a parts truck. I am thinking I want to use it as the foundation for a resto rod project. I want to keep the body and interior original, but update the front end and brakes. This thought prompts a few questions:


Has anyone installed a Mustang II type front end on a 37 Cpe Exp frame? If yes, any lessons learned?

Disc brakes imply clearance problems with original artillery wheels. Reproductions are available. Does anyone have experience with these?

If I go with reproduction artillery wheels, I’m hoping I can adapt them to accept the hub caps Richard produced for the 37 Dictators?


Any thoughts or recommendations are greatly appreciated.




This is NOT the parts truck!


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