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Newbe meet question...


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Not only in point judging but in HPOF and of course in DPC as well.


I drive my 1989 Buick Park Avenue to participate in the HPOF class in meets. In the past few months, I have driven it to both Hershey and to Houma. I put over 3,000 miles on it in the past few months going to AACA Meets. It is a repeat AACA Original car.

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I daily drive my 1989 Suburban and show in HPOF.  I was at Hershey, VA Beach, Charlotte and Spencer in 2015.


Going to Naples FL, NJ, Charlotte and Spencer this year and a bunch more in between :)  No trailer - although I do have a hitch and can tow someone else's car/truck :)

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I've vowed never to own a trailer.


I have driven my cars to Hershey numerous times.

While they may be award-worthy--but not worthy

of a top award--I enter them in the class with their peers

but check "Do Not Judge" on the application form.

My enjoyment is showing the cars to the public

and discussing them with fellow fans, as well as driving them.


A friend and I drove his award-winning,

off-the-frame restored 1949 Oldsmobile over 300 miles

to a Virginia meet.  Who cares about a trophy when

you have a beautiful trophy parked in the garage?

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If a vehicle is damaged on the way to a meet, you simply explain the damage to the Team Captain. Any damage that happened on the way to the meet is not counted against your car. Getting a paint chip on the road to the meet won't hurt you at that meet, but it will mean you have to repair it before the next meet or it could cost you. Driving it to the meet will mean you more likely than not need to spend more time cleaning it after you arrive at the meet.


I don't know the exact percentage, but I think that more cars are driven to AACA meets than are trailered. They were made to be driven.

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Would be nice to know what the percentage of cars that participate in a Grand National are trailered? If you deduct the cars that live within 10 miles of judging field I would think the trailered car percentage is enormous. BTW the NCRS gives the cars that are driven to the meet to be judged .1 point/mile. This can really offset the deductions of the car. In some cases 2nd Flight Corvettes become Top Flight Corvettes. Larry

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No deductions will be made for damage sustained while en route to any National Meet.

XV A 13

And the dirt deductions are all for excessive amounts, so road dirt picked up on the way shouldn't be a problem. I work at a dealership, and our cars are all dirtier than what I see on the show fields.

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