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Attn: Camaro Owners; New Classes coming!


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FWIW: Just got a letter from Herb Oakes (VP of Judging) which tell the owners that the Camaro classes will be expanded next year. New Classes are the following:


34G First Gen Camaro's

34H Second Gen Camaro's

34I  Third Gen Camaro's


There will also be an expanded "Factory High Performance" class (TBD)


Your guess is as good as mine which models will be in the HP class because of as

now the 1 Gen-Z28's where not even in the class. (From last Judging Manual I saw)


Comments Please--Larry

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Actually, Z's were allowed in the HP class, even though not mentioned in the Guidelines.

Thanks Phillip for the comment but I did not know that choosing a class was negotiable. JMHO: If not in the guidelines a car should not be allowed to change to another class. Larry

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This has been long overdue.  Recently, it appears there are more Camaros than Mustangs on the AACA show fields.  I always felt a Camaro Class should be developed, 3 divisions are even better.  Hopefully all Camaros already in Production Classes will be moved and grandfathered into the appropriate Camaro Classes.  I don't think this has happened 100% with other models in regards to the HP Classes.

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