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64' Power window rear switch retaining clip


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Hi folks,


I have a rear 1/4 window switch (the ones on the rear arm rests) that doesn't work. So I pulled it apart and sure enough it's badly corroded and needs a good clean. This was shown in a post once before that detailed how to clean the front 4 switch assembly. However my problem is the clips that hold the switch together and also retain the wiring harness connector to the switch broke when I disassembled it. I don't know for the life of me how you bend the little tab back without breaking it. Mine broke after only levering it about 1mm. Does anyone know if this retaining clip is available anywhere? A new replacement would be nice but obviously GM had thousands of different little clips over the years and it's possible it isn't even available. Has anyone else had this problem?






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Thanks for the link Steelman. I've seen those switches everywhere and that seems to be pretty much all you can buy. I'd say looking at the plug it would be possible to replace the Riviera switch with this one without too much trouble. However they are not the same - different body and totally different clip. The internal switch is probably nearly the same but I guess it comes down to whether you want the appearance of the genuine switch with a square flat body or a replacement that doesn't quite match the other switches.


I realise now I removed the clip the wrong way - those tabs are not meant to be bent back. I should have pushed in the tabs accessible through the switch body holes. It's clear this is how it works AFTER you pull it apart.


I think the solution is to make a small T-piece out of copper and silver solder it to the outside upper part of the clip and bend it down to perform the same function as it was before. The other option is to just glue the body in place but then it becomes a non serviceable item which I don't like. I've seen these clips actually break in half where they protrude from the switch which would not be so easily rectified.

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