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Richard D

Just bought a 2005 Mustang Premium Coupe and need some advice

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I bought this car to stop using my 1990 Reatta as my daily driver. Since it is the middle trim model, Premium Coupe I thought it would have courtesy lights besides the map lights. It doesn't even have footwell lights or trunk light that is listed in the owners manual. Does have all the other stuff, leather, shaker stereo, power seat etc. Is it possible that something happened to the build sheet? Since it has dimming and brightening for the map lights if I were to install led foot well lights and figure some way to mount one in the back of console to add some light to the back seat would that overload the dimming circuit? 3 LEDs draw about the same as one map light. I am also aware that the positive is always hot and the negative is switched. I already installed an auto dim, compass rearview mirror. Anybody looking for a 1990 Reatta in the south Florida area? Most everything works, 305-233-9593, Richard. Pictures in Reatta buy sell forum

Thanks for your time


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