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Fire @ America's Packard Museum

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Always sad to hear stories like this.  And the cause, vandalism, makes it all the more upsetting. 




Scroll up to the top of the page - this link is taking you to the comments section.






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Any loss like that is regrettable.  They indicate that

some cars were saved, however.


Note that the article does not say that vandalism was the determined cause.

Their information was sketchy at that early date.

And "reports say" that the fire was likely caused by human activity

(in an adjoining business?) and POSSIBLY vandalism.


I hope further details may bring some better news.

Thanks for keeping us informed, Mr. Carfreak.  

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As mentioned, the fire was not at the Museum itself. It was a storage location elsewhere. While I do not know for sure, I'm fairly certain that there wasn't any great loss. Anything of great historical value was stored in the museum itself and is unharmed. I'm not speaking with complete knowledge of what was in the building, but I'd be very, very surprised if there was anything "rare" and irreplacable in there.

The Hemmings blog mentions at least twice about a "Packard Imperial" that was towed over to the British Transportation Museum. I don't even know what a "Packard Imperial" is. Anyone?????

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At the risk of sounding insensitive to the community, that warehouse was in a pretty rough part of town. Having done a Caribbean or two, if memory serves me, that facility was more of a storage area for donor Patrician's, 400's, and Clippers for the use in more historically significant restorations. While I'm sure some decent parts were lost, I don't know of anything too valuable having been there, and certainly not a smart move, if there were.

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I've been to that museum several times.  There are a couple unheated storage buildings behind the main museum building used for storing parts & unrestored cars.   The museum is in a rough part of town, just on the outskirts of downtown Dayton.  I know some people have loaned their cars out to be displayed on the museum floor (a former Packard dealership, and very nicely restored), but my fear was always the part of town it was in and how secure the area was.       

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Tough to see the fire, regardless ... but, I'm just glad it is NOT this Packard Museum:




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