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Loading Pictures.

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I have tried to load pictures on this site with no luck. Is there a start up set up I missed on this site so I can load my pictures? My stuff loads on the Studebaker sites with no issues but I had to set it up on their site. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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When you make a post there's an option below, next to "Post", called "More Reply Options", which allows you to attach images from your computer files in a box, "Attach Files" (at lower left). After attaching each file, you'll need to, "Add to Post" (at right bottom), 


Choosing that option mid-post doesn't cancel out the text you've already composed, so give it a try. Took me a while to figure it out, too.


The "image" box (box below Text Color & Smiley Face, above) seems to only allow images with a URL (something already on the Web),

like your images already hosted on the Studebaker site.


In either case, the images will be re-sized to a thumbnail (click on it to view full-size) or full-size within the parameters of what's allowed here.


Hope this helps, sorry if it sounds like a Chinese owner's manual,



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Believe it or not, I use 15 steps to post a picture here.  The good news is once I mastered these steps, I found it really is not hard to repeat the process, and with further experimentation I did find other ways to post lots of pictures with minimal time expenditure.  But these are the basic steps. I recommend you open a 2nd window so you can follow this thread in one window while doing the steps in the second one.


I believe when you registered for this site, you were automatically registered to use the AACA Gallery. To access it, click on the gallery button above ( see picture below). 




The next step is to click on the upload button indicated by the yellow button below




To advance you must choose an existing album, or create a new one. Qs a new user,  you;ll have to create a new album now. Name it anything. The only requirement is that the name is unique to your file.  Click on the box indicated by the Green Arrow below.




Now, just in case you are following along and don't know, what you are looking at are pictures of the screens you'll see. I  added these arrows with another program , so you will not see these arrows when you perform these steps on the AACA site.


When you click the Create New Album button, a window opens. Type your album name in the box by the black arrow. The box with the light green arrow is optional.  It would only be viewed if someone was accessing your pictures through the GALLERY itself. 




Unfortunately, due to screen size I have to scroll down in the new window, indicated by the blue arrow, to click on the save button indicated by the red arrow.




When you SAVE the new album this screen opens and you can choose the pictures on your PC for uploading.  There is a picture size maximum, and I generally size my pictures to 1024 pixels in one dimension.  Sizing pictures should be done before starting this process.  It is not done through this site.  If you  have appropriate sized pictures you start this step by clicking the CHOOSE FILES button, indicated by the blue arrow. You may have to scroll down to see this button.  Scroll by clicking the button indicated by the red arrow.




When you have chosen your pictures they will appear in the CHOOSE FILES area.  Then you must click the REVIEW & PUBLISH button indicated by the red arrow below.




This opens another window similar to the one where you entered the name of the album. This time you can enter a name for the pictures. This is optional, and if you are entering multiple pictures the AACA program will add the same name to each picture along with a unique identifier. 

The problem I found is the program will hold that name for future uploads you do.  So you will want to make sure the picture names for any other new album you start in the future, are appropriate. You can just change the picture name at the time you start your next album.

Once you are done then click the FINISH & PUBLISH box indicated by the red arrow.



When you see the next screen your picture is in the AACA photo album which is under your screen name.  If someone is looking at the GALLERY alone, they can see the picture.  The picture is not yet in your FORUM post. 
















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To post the picture from the GALLERY to the FORUM follow these next steps.


When you Click on the picture  ( you may have to double click)  You'll see the option box indicated by the yellow arrow.  Click on the OPTIONS button and the drop down menu appears.  Click on the VIW+EW ALL SIZES button indicated by the red arrow.




The next screen shows you the various sizes your uploaded photo can be seen in.  I usually post my pictures using the LARGE size.  But all these screen shots I have posted as MEDIUM size.






When you click on LARGE you'll see the picture in the full size available. It may go beyond the limits of your screen and to see it all, you may have to scroll left or right and or up or down.  You do not have to do any scrolling though.  Instead do a RIGHT CLICK on the picture itself and the drop down menu appears.  You want to click on the PROPERTIES tab at the bottom of the menu, indicated here by the green arrow.




Clicking on the PROPERTIES item opens another window which will show the URL address of the picture.  Highlight the address and do another RIGHT CLICK .  In the new window choose COPY.  That window then disappears and you can click the OK button on this menu to make that window close.




If you are still with me, you are very close to the end. 


At this point you switch back to the FORUM and the thread where you want to post the picture. Open a REPLY box and then choose the IMAGE icon indicated by the green arrow.





Upon clicking the IMAGE ICON, a new window opens which is where you PASTE the URL Address of your picture.   Once the address is pasted into the box indicated by the blue arrow, you click the ok indicated by the red arrow.  Your picture will appear in the reply box.




I am sure this looks like a lot of work for one picture.  But it does work.  Each picture above was generated and entered through this process.  Practice with one or two pictures at a time.  It can even be fun, once you know the process.


Good Luck



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That is a nice explanation about how you do it, but it really should not be that complicated. I simply hit the "More Reply Options", scroll down and click on the "choose file" button under the label "Attach Files", choose a photo anywhere in my pictures on my computer, click on the photo name, and click on the "open" button to attach it,  and then when the photo name appears beside the "Choose File" button below, I then click on the "Attach This File" button below it.


It is important that the file size is an appropriate file size. If the file size is too large, it won't attach it. You will have to wait a few seconds, how many depends on the file size, as the file is being attached/uploaded, you will see a small turning icon to the right of the "Choose File" button. As soon as teh file is attached, you will see a small version of the photo appear just above the "Attach Files" button label. After that appears, you can simply hit the "Add Reply" button to submit your post with the photo that you just attached.


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I agree Matt, it should not be so difficult.  Your process works.  It attaches a thumbnail to the post.  The difference between your process and mine is the ability to attach larger pictures.  While a reader can always click on the picture you posted and see it in a larger format, the way I described allows one to post the picture in the larger format to begin with. For example:



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I don't post a lot of photos. On my digital SLR camera, I use a large file format that is too large for posting on the forum. It is great for taking high quality photos that can be enlarged to look at small details but it means that I have to resize the photos to post on the forum. Resizing them does not really take much time but it is just a minor aggravation that tends to make me only post photos when necessary.




I think that using the thumbnail method instead of posting the photo full size might make it a bit more user friendly for those with slower internet access. It means they don't have to wait for a photo that they are not interested in to load if they would prefer to look at the thumbnail and choose to not enlarge that particular photo.


Your method also means you have an interesting photo gallery full of every photo that you have ever posted in a discussion. I don't think that my method saves them in my photo gallery, but I could be wrong.  Like most technology issues, there are multiple methods that will work to accomplish it. It does not matter which method a user wishes to use.

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How do you do that?

Sorry I'm late getting back.....

Open paint......

Top left click on blue tab with arrow to open your files........

Find your photo and double click it.....

Top second column click re-size.......

Click on pixels......

In Horizontal: there will be a number.........

Blue out that number and type in 800. John says he uses 2000.........try it.

Once you put your number in the box , click OK.......

Now your photo is resized.

Click save and you're finished.

I hope this sounds esay.............

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