WTF copy of DB633 door key

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I have just taken the lock to a locksmith and a key is produced. You may even be able to find the right blank (original style) and take that with you. On mine it is the same as the ignition key, but the ignition may just be "worn out" and even a flat screwdriver could turn it - I haven't checked but the key is a bit sloppy in there.


My DC door lock is becoming hard to turn, same as the speedo. The die-cast is breaking down as the zinc corrodes and swelling as a result. I think the door handle is die-cast and perhaps the lock casting too. The result is that the lock is held increasingly tightly in the handle. I hope yours is not like that.

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I do not know what inside on mine are like but my build card list 3 different keys  Ign.,Tire lock and door . I have seen keys come up on ebay with close numbers . I figure they repeated many times . They purposely did not code number any locks .  Even with a impression I may be able to adjust a close copy . I know my ignition was changed ,as it now has relocated coil  and simple acc-off-on switch . 

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