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Are there any guys out there that handle obsolete bearings? Couldn't find a bearing guy at Hershey.


I'm working on a 1914 Chevrolet Baby Grand, and the pinion bearing is destroyed, inside the torque tube. It's a strange, double-row ball bearing 1-1/8" bore, 3-1/8" OD, 1-3/8" thick. I assume it is a thrust bearing. I can make out a New Departure number which is 711161 (or maybe 711151) but it is obsolete for too long, nothing crosses over, and coming up empty on internet searches and talking to modern bearing companies.

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I've had good experiences taking the old bearing to an industrial bearing distributor.  Calling up the corporate line generally doesn't help.   Arriving at the retail point in person with the old bearing generally will get you some assistance. They may not have the same thing, but might be able to get you something that will work. Sometimes the guys enjoy the challenge of finding a replacement for a 101 year old bearing.


If that doesn't work, you may need to find a talented machinst who can make something that is available work in your application.

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