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'23 Buick

Tom Getz

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All the floor board coverings I have seen on the Swedish 1922-1927 Buicks has been gray toned.The first pictures are from my 1925 and the linolium mat are at least  45 years old,proberly have changed a little bit in tone to be darker?,a small different in tone comparing to the later restored Buick cars  I have , 1923 and 1924. third and forth picktures.

When googling it looks like it was a pinstriping from windshild around the rear body,but on what models I don`t know,proberly the most expansive models in 1923.see picture.

Leif in Sweden.






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Here are pictures from my 1923 parts book.Model 45 not mentioned on those pages of the reasen I don`t know.But I can see there are 3 different colors on Running board mats.And proberly one dark gray and one light grey? or the opposite?Even maroon on the running board mat.Just wonder if they are the same colors on the floor mats as on runningboard?

Leif in Sweden.




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