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Splash shields - 1932 DL


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I received a pile of splash shields/mystery panels (?) the attached photos with a shipment of parts supposed to be from a 1932 Dodge DL. I am trying to figure out where these panels would fit on my 1932 Dodge DL, and possibly what car they are really from, as not all look like they fit a 1932 Dodge.


Perhaps some of you might have seen some of these on your cars and could help me? I'd like to at least eliminate the ones that I don't need. 







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I'm late to the party but don't see any other replies... so - 


Picture 1 - these look the same as on my '31 DH6 - they mount inside the door frame and come up next to the seat. Wide part is at the bottom and narrows toward the top. The top piece would mount on the passenger side of the car.


Picture 2 - Bottom left item looks like the bottom of the firewall where the steering column passes through the "U" shaped notch left of center.


The others I haven't a clue about.

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