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Just bought a '60 Ranger 2 door sedan...

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There was a posting a few days back about someone that rebuilds older car radios at reasonable prices. Do a search and see if you can find it.


That was my post. A guy named Bob in Ohio sold me a rebuilt 1960 Ford AM radio. He wanted $35 plus $8 shipping but I thought that was too cheap so I sent him $50. I installed it and it works great. You can email him at rrosengarten1@woh.rr.com for more info....

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Best looking year for Edsel and way nicer than a 60 Ford.

Date code indicates it was built 9/15/59.

Nice car, congrats.

I know someone who has the same color in a hardtop.


Thanks to you and Tom for the kind words. For more info and pics of the car check out my thread in the "General Discussion" forum under the backfiring carb thread....

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