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installation of new officers procedure

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We've done it a variety of different ways here in Tidewater Region.  We had a large AACA logo made into a puzzle with enough pieces for officers and board members. Each of the new officers was given a piece of the puzzle and then introduced by the Master of Ceremonies, who gave a little background on them, then asked to come forward, place their piece of the puzzle in it's proper position, and then remain standing.  When everyone was done and all the new officers/board members were standing a few simple remarks/instrsuctions were given and then the traditional group picture was taken.  It was a semi-formal and nice way to do it.  We've also just done simple introductions.  On a couple of other occasions we've symbolically lit a brass side-lamp, passed car parts around representing the different offices, and had a mock-up car assembled by asking the incoming officers to place representative car parts in their proper place.  It was a cute "skit" with cardboard cut-outs.  The whole idea is that the sum of individual parts represents the whole and needs to work in synch, and no single piece works on it's own.  Like spokes on the wheel -


I've seen other organizations where they place their right hand on a copy of Hemmings Motor News and recite a "pledge" to protect the club, etc.etc. 


Do it your way but have some fun with it.

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