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I have the opportunity to buy a 1927 Fiat model 509 roadster. This car was restored years ago and kept in running condition . It has nice presentation, body, paint, chrome and upolstery are in acceptable condition.I was told to make an offer. My problem is that I have no idea of its value and Cannot find any information about this cars value. My object is to make a fair offer because I would like to own the auto. Any information about a ball park figure would be appreciated


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 Having just sold my 1920 Studebaker Light Six, i too are considering buying  a 1925/28 Fiat 509 too. They are an interesting “Little”car with a  1 Litre 4 cylinder, single overhead cam engine, good brakes and a manageable  size. While most of the surviving cars are four seat tourers the more sporting 509S  came with quite a variety of Sporting bodies. Again the bulk of production cars had heavy “Artillery” wheels there were also a small number sold fitted with Wire-spoke wheels. Here in Australia they were sold in a considerable number and if you look there are quite a few “Basket case” restoration projects avaible.  This together with a network of enthusiastic owners makes then a good choice. I am not so sure about the USA but in today’s world of the Internet and communication by e-mails help is never far away.

The two seater Roadsters are a little more desirable and a little more “thin on the ground”,

I have a special interest in that a Fiat 509 was my father’s first car in the 1920’s.


Bernie j.

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