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Lug Bolts for 1926 Artillery Wheel

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For want of a better term I've called them lug bolts but whatever the correct term is, has anyone found a source for the bolt that holds the rim to the felloe for a 1926 Std 6? Whether they're common across models I don't know but I have one that has been severely abused at some stage in its life and I'd like to replace it.

The shafts on the ones I have are 3" long (under the head to end of the thread) X 7/16. There is an ovality just under the head and about 1/2 way along to lock it it to felloe. The head is D shaped so it catches both the rim and the felloe.

Any ideas as I don't have the gear to make my own.

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We don't have any disc wheel stuff. I had a complete set years ago and they wound up with Fred R. in L.A. I have more of the Standard wood wheel bolts, send me a P.M. They are usually bent a little, I straighten them as long as the threads are good.

If anyone needs wheels we have two real nice sets of 26-28 Standard wood wheels, natural finish, very solid and tight. One set is off a 28 model 27 that had a trailer mishap and was wrecked. They have green rims. The other set is off my 27 model 24 roadster, yellow rims. I took them off for a Buffalo wire wheel conversion. Priced right, somebody must have a project with rotten spoke wheels.

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