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American Bus in France

Guest Franck

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I'm a french collector of cars and especially bus.

I find a bus in France and I think it's a US Army old bus.

But I don't know this model.

Can you help me ?



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Try posting your pic on truckandbusforum.com---it's a Brit based forum that covers both modern and vintage buses. Any US models exported to France were probably used in the UK as well.

Helped a member there ID a Lycoming engine in something they were restoring in1912; quite nice people, shoild be able to ID your bus or recommend other places to try.  Good luck.

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Its a 1951 Fageol F32F Twin Coach Convertible bus built for evacuation from nuclear attacks (convertible into an ambulance). Bus was built by Twin Coach Company of Kent, Ohio. Engine was a 172 HP horizontal in-line six cylinder Fageol FTC 210-21 mounted on the right side amidships under the floor. Bus wheelbase is 222 inches. It has rear "barn" doors that swing wide open.

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