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NOS front license plate bracket for sale

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New, NOS only been removed from box for photos, made in italy. Fits 89-91 TC by maserati. Rare, last item i have left in my stash i had of restoration parts for my TC i sold in october.

Ebay also offering 20$ this month off 100$ or more purchases of parts in ebay motors

WHO would pay $100 for a front license plate holder for a TC when you can hang it from any old bracket, even a holder from a LeBaron.

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Its not, look it up, specific NOS piece, TC only

I am fully aware that the plate holder for the TC is exclusively for that car. I have one sitting around as well.

I am merely saying that there are other hangers such as the LeBaron one which will serve the purpose and display the license plate just fine.

If a person is a PURIST, they may wish to own an original though.

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