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Is this wheel possibly 1934 Chrysler CA

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post-108496-0-58929000-1446684264_thumb.post-108496-0-61104500-1446683378_thumb. I purchased a set of 5 wheels for possible use on my '31 Chrysler CD8 Roadster "rebuild project" as shown in this photo. While not correct for the Roadster (takes 18" wires or wood spoked), they are a perfect fit for the drums which came with the car, which I was advised may have been from a '34/35 Auburn.post-108496-0-92258500-1446683553_thumb.. Front and rear hub shown, might be from different year Auburns, or may infact be Chrysler, the companies may have used same parts supplier? The green wheels are 16x6.00 or 16x6.50 with 5x5" bolt pattern, and have 6&5/8" hubcap hole, and note perfect fit to hub lips. Closest photos of this type artillery wheel (with 12 holes similarly placed) I found on internet is on a 1934 Chrysler CA? However, I understood MOPARs of that era generally had 5x4.5" bolt pattern. Can anyone provide an opinion, tell me if some MOPARS had 5x5 bolt pattern? Most Mopars I see from the era had 10(Plymouth) 14 or 15 holes (later Dodges & Chryslers). I'm looking for suitable hubcaps and interested in what may have 6&5/8" fit.

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The Hollander 1952...


Only '32 Plymouth had 5/5" bolt holes but the wheels were 18x3. Steel wheels on Auburns were 17" up to 1936.


16x6 on 5/5" :

Buick '42-47 40, 50 and Buick '48-49 40 Special (two types used - some were 16x5).

Cadillac '39-47 60, 61, 62, 67, 72, 75; '48-49 67, 75


No 16x6.5 on 5/5".


First steel wheels on Chrysler were on CO 6 '33-34 and they were 17x3.25 on 5/5" or 15x5 on 5/5" (messy entry on Hollander - first size might be wrong?).



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Thanks for good info on models using 5x5 bolt pattern. As we know, bolt pattern, rim dia, rim width, hub hole, hubcap hole split rim vs drop canter all varied by model, making for real challenges in swapping wheels among cars of this era. So my ideal wheels would be Budd, 18" split rim, 5x5 (to fit my drums), 3.5" hub hole, 6&9/16" hubcap hole (to suit Chrysler hubcaps). I found these excellent Budd wheels locally, have since confirmed they are 1930 Marmon, 19", 5x5.5." bolt pattern, 3.75" hub hole, 6&9/16" hubcap hole. So I am going with them for now, have a machinist making a thin spacer plate to go between wheel and drum to adjust hub hole, accomodate rivets and raised lips of existing holes, and he will make new holes at 5x5". Placed on car with hubcaps in place I dare say no one will know. If I ever do find a good affordable set of Chrysler wheels and drums, I can then re-sell the Marmon Wheels. I'll also keep the 16" Auburn 6cyl artillery wheels/whitewalls as garage rollers and for racing!! A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do! 




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Your Artillery wheels appear to be from a 1934 Chrysler CA model That was being fazed out for the Airflow, I would have to pull a wheel to see if the hubs are Chrysler but 34 was the 16" 5 on 5 BP wheel, Desoto was also 5 x 5  I have wire and wood spokes but no extra Artillery 

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I have a calendar photo of a '34 Chrysler Roadster (CA?) which has wheels identical in appearance to these, i.e. about 16" dia with 12 holes, and stainless steel trim rings (an option for many makes), and show the smooth "moonie" style Chrysler scripted hubcap, about 8"+ diameter. If you have time to check bolt spacing and hub hole dia that may help confirm. My artillery style wheels have no identifying stamping # that I can see.  The pattern of rust in hubcap area measures 7&3/4" dia, and may be a clue to hubcap used. The Chrysler hubcaps I have gathered so far that have 6&9/16 inner ring measure about 7&1/4"-7&5/16" outer dia. and I understand one with C logo is aftermarket, other with Chrysler Eight script are possibly 1932/33? Both fit Marmon Budd Wire Wheels perfectly.IMG_4190.JPG

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