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What weight oil should I use


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I waited to jump in on this one to see where others came down.  Back in the day I was a big fan of straight 20w, as was the factory.  Of course it is no longer available.  So, unless you drive the car in the winter, I would also recommend 30w HD.

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Most cars of that vintage called for 30 W in summer and 20W in winter.


I have two 1961 Oldsmobiles and use Valvoline 30W racing oil in both year round.


My cars see very little action in the winter so that suits me fine.


This oil carries a significant amount of zinc (ZDDP) which is good for the camshaft and lifters.


Here is the url for amazon but you can get it at most auto parts stores.


I buy mine at O Reillys.


Good luck, Dave.


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