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I kinda feel sorry for some of You that have completed cars, must be nice to dust them off and drive them occasionally! I however am fixing everything on this 38, learning a lot, meeting some great people, having frustrations, remembering why I like street rods, much easier to source parts and drive everywhere. But not in the plans for this 38 it's too nice, Oh I plan a few differences from stock,after all it does have wide whitewall radials on powder coated rims! Seat belts are planned, and Who knows might just add AC, it gets mighty hot down here in the summertime! Wouldn't mind a nice sound system, Hidden of course. I already have a fire extinguisher! A GPS would be nice!

Oh and I will drive this beauty everywhere! So Who amongst You are still working on Your cars? It's a labor of LOVE!

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Well I outbid the junk man by 25 bucks on my 47. There was a gaggle of street rodders at the auction and they looked at it and turned away. To much work they said. Not solid enough.

I don't  mind the work. If my health and finances would hold out mine would be on the road making dust and oil smoke today! Preserving what is there and putting it back as it was is part of the fun to me. On a rust bucket,it will rack your brain but it is cheaper than Prozac for me! takes my mind of things that bother me.

But same as with my Model T Fords and my 66 F100 and other old clunkers I drive,I like to drive them as built. The manual steering,the unique column gear shift that is about extinct now. Or the 3 pedals of the T that will confuse the common driver.
Air and power this and that are great things, that is why my daily is a 96 Cadillac, it has all that built in along with 300 hp at 21 mpg.But it sits alot, it just aint driving to me. .


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