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Tires 30x3 CL. Which manfucture is best

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The basic truth is that nearly all the clincher tires are made by the same sub-contractors, I think currently still in Vietnam. I think most of them are made for Coker, regardless of who is selling them, and they have been trying to fix this problem. I haven't had to buy new tires for about ten years, but heard about a year ago that they "hope" the cracking problem was resolved. I have not heard anything definitive since. Since 30X3 were used on the front wheels of brass era Ts, this question is asked a lot in model T circles.

Many people say the basic treaded "driver"  tires are the best value. A bit cheaper, and wear about as well. Some of us prefer the somewhat more authentic tread or better for early cars smooth tires and just live with the added cost. (Me? I am too broke to buy any right now, and have enough older tires hoarded away to keep me on the road for a few years yet.)

I am not sure where the white and gray tires stand right now. They were unavailable for awhile (I like the gray smoothies myself). Best to probably just call Coker and ask. They are good people, and actual Horseless Carriage owners, members, and tourers.


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I bought some all white tires from Coker, 30 x 3, a few years ago.  The stock they had at the time was Vietnam made about 15-20 years ago, maybe more.  Quite an adventure getting them to fit on clincher rims.


So, if you're looking for all white, be careful   

That said, thank goodness for Coker and other such suppliers, or we couldn't drive our cars at all!

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