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Vintage Engine Analyzer?


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Hey Guys,

                    I've been looking for a vintage Sun Engine Analyzer to use in my garage, off and on for about a year. They don't command much money these days ($200 will buy a decent one) and there seem to be quite a few of them sitting in the back of older repair facilities.   I'm really looking for a Sun 700 series or earlier. I've used them all, (Sun, Allen, Bear, etc.) in my time working in garages....or so I thought. Today I came a cross a vintage King Engine Tester. Seller says it's from the 1940's era and only does 6 volt systems. It's pretty cool looking.

Anyone here familiar with this brand? I can't seem to find much info on line about them.



(of course, if you have an early Sun machine, I'd be interested in that as well!)


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I'm familiar with the King brand, but have not seen that model. I've had several of their small hand held test equipment. I have a King starter / generator tester. I'm pretty sure they were based in Cleveland Ohio. I don't think they became a " National" brand like Sun an Allen.

If you don't find your Sun tester you might consider this neat Allen " Unituner"



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Guest AlCapone

I have a King Engine tester as shown in your picture, works good but I have not been able to find an operators manual for it.  RHL

I have the same tester without a manual. There was a manual on EBay in the spring with a minimum bid of $75 which I refused to pay. My tester us not used as I purchased it for $20 as garage art! Wayne

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Cannot help with that Jase, sorry but as a follow up I did acquire a Sun machine. A local garage offered it for free, in working condition.  It is a later model than I was looking for but at the price, I couldn't pass it up.

Cheers, Greg



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In the 1990 to about the turn of the century I had a full sized Allen Diagnostic Center in my garage. It was a 1978 version so it was borderline for newer cars. I mainly used the oscilloscope. And my main focus was secondary ignition diagnosis. I retired that unit for space reasons and went to a small vintage Sears Engine Tester with an inductive secondary ignition tester that I still use today.


Three years ago I bought a pretty sophisticated BMW 7 Series and made about a $2,000 move forward in home electronic diagnostic equipment. Luckily, most of my tests are for verification that things are working right and catching little problems. I have been thinking about taking advantage of the low cost of today's low electronic prices and recently came across this video. One of these units will be next. Mostly modern but key functions can be used on collector cars.  Almost the cost of an old tester on Craigslist.


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