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Pre- '30 lit, Motor Annuals 4 Sale


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Hi:<P>I'm liquidating another portion of our collection of original pre- '30 auto sales literature, and related books and magazines from '01 to '29, plus some very nice Motor Show issues in the '30's. These are from the collection of one of the founders of the Horseless Carriage Club.<P>About 100 items will be auctioned this month on eBay. All $5 starting bid, no reserve.<P>Here's a link for a photo gallery of items currently up for auction:<P><A HREF="http://www.auctiva.com/showcase/as_4sale.asp?uid=magazine_guy&hint=190%2A+191%2A+192%2A+Brass+Motor+Orphan+Annual&tab=search&logic=OR" TARGET=_blank>Brass/Orphan Auction Gallery</A><P>I'll be listing additional items every couple days during May. Happy Bidding!<P>Steve<P>steve@automemories.com

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