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I may ask some really stupid questions about how to repair My 38,but this car is in such good shape I hate to ruin anything I do. I don't have the money to have a professional do the repairs, 322222eand I enjoy doing them Myself. So far complete rewire with a correct harness from Rhode island all cloth covered, brakes completely redone all new lines,etc, starting on glass as a lot of the original glass was separating and broken. so far ZERO rust! this car was from Nebraska! I have the original plate for it as it shows up on some of the repair orders! The interior was ok with plaid seat covers on the seats,,,I removed the covers to find perfect seats underneath! I am trying My best to keep this beauty as original as possible. I had the original wheels sand blasted and powder coated black and mounted the Coker wide whitewalls Myself, then replaced the hub caps. When I find a real pinstriper I will get the red pinstripe put back on the wheels! Now about the lack of rust neat but I do have a few dents as I believe the original Owner was having difficulty driving before the car was put in a shed and forgotten until the estate sale and emptying of the property!

 So if I ask a stupid question,You'll know where I'm coming from! Thanks Hopefully I will be around quite a few more years,I'm 64 and just love My Pontiac.

Any questions? Any of You near Opelika, Alabama?

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