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1967 Corvette roadster *SOLD*

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One thing I've learned in this business is that if you want to be able to have fun with your cars, you need to get your spouse involved. That may seem odd to mention when talking about the manliest of cars, a 1967 Corvette, but the key here is how user-friendly this gorgeous Rally Red roadster really is. You want your wife on board? Buy this 'Vette and give it to her. You'll still get to play with it, but thanks to an automatic transmission (no offense to the ladies who proudly drive manual gearboxes), power steering, a smooth, reliable 327, and a great stereo system, this is a very accessible vintage sports car with exactly zero bad habits.


This is an original Rally Red car and there's really no better color on a mid-year 'Vette than this. I've driven this car a little bit and it really attracts a lot of attention, mostly because everyone already knows what it is. The paint is probably 8-10 years old, so it presents well but isn't perfect and this car was never a trailer queen, so it has a few signs of use. The panels fit well and it isn't showing any cracking around the headlight doors or hood opening, which is important. The hood sits flush and there's no rubbing at the edges, so I don't think the car has ever been hit or tweaked. The chrome is quite good, with bright bumpers and new emblems, including the gas tank door (which technically should be painted to match the body, but the emblem doesn't come off so the effort just wasn't worth it). All the lights, signals, lenses, and other little stuff is in operational condition and looks very good.


The black interior was likely done at the same time. Again, everything works and the seats are quite comfortable and there are good carpets underneath. If there's a nit to pick, there's some minor bubbling on the door panels where they transition into the arm rests, as if the glue wasn't quite fully applied over the full area. It's not a big deal but it's noticeable if you're looking. The woodgrained wheel is excellent, the gauges are all rebuilt and fully functional, the heater is powerful, and there's a modern AM/FM/cassette stereo in the dash with an array of speakers in the top well that sound remarkably good (the original AM radio is included with the car). And speaking of the top, it's brand new and installed by the legendary Al Knoch and fits better than any Corvette convertible top I have ever seen. All the weatherstripping is new and it does seal up rather well. I'm guessing I'm the first to actually fold the top, and it stows easily and latches without a fight.


The engine is a non-matching but correctly coded 327 cubic inch V8 rebuilt to stock 300 horsepower specifications. It was probably well detailed at the time, but it shows some evidence of having been driven over the past several years. It's clean and wears proper Corvette valve covers and Chevy Orange paint on the block, but there are no major deviations from stock. It starts quickly without much prodding and idles smoothly even when it's cold. Get in, turn the key, and drive...isn't that how it's supposed to be? It's also interesting to note that only about 10% of 1967 Corvettes were equipped with automatic transmissions, which I don't think adds any value due to rarity, but it does make this one very user-friendly. The original PowerGlide 2-speed automatic was recently replaced by a TH350 3-speed automatic, which makes around town driving a lot more fun and the original transmission is included if you really want to go back to stock. There are 3.36 gears in back so it's punchy but reasonably comfortable on the highway and with power steering and power brakes, it's effortless to drive. The 4-wheel disc brakes are recently rebuilt, the exhaust is new and quiet, and there are fresh radials on the original 15-inch Rally wheels.


This is not a pedigree car and I always think it's a shame when cars like this Corvette get squirreled away never to be used again. Instead, this is the rare Corvette that's still 100% usable as a car and it's actually good at it! Bulletproof reliability, quiet, easy to drive, and smooth, this Corvette is a no-compromises car that never gets cranky and that means the people you share the ride with won't get cranky either. Think about it--wouldn't you rather have a car you can drive every day without a second thought instead of a high-strung big block that guzzles high-octane gas and is too much of a handful to do anything but a 10-minute blast a few times a year? We're asking $59,900 and you'll never regret driving this one home. Thanks for looking!


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